This Side of Paradise Irony

This Side of Paradise Irony

Human bluntness

The most terrible human feature is a stupidity. And firstly, it seems that Beatrice O'Hara is a clever woman and she is “absorbed the sort of education that will be quite impossible ever again, a culture rich in all arts and traditions, but barren of all ideas”. She always uses her education only to show that she is a woman of “the upper class”.

Spoilt society

The society plays a big role in this story, because readers can observe the inner growth of the main characters. And it has a big influence on the personality’s formation. But it is impossible to speak about the kind features, because people “are barred of the color of their neckties and the roll of their coats”. The irony is that people cannot recognize the human soul. They only judge themselves by clothes.

Young irony

When Amory mentions the phrase “young irony”, the theme has to do with Eleanor. He describes his last relationships with Eleanor as “the ridiculous love”. He always remembers it with a pleased smile upon his face.

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