The Westing Game

The Westing Game The Westing Game Film Adaptation "Get A Clue" and Theatre Adaptation

In 1997, a made-for-TV adaptation of The Westing Game was release called "Get A Clue." It was written for the screen by Dylan Kelsey Hadley. It featured stage and screen actor Ray Walston as Sam Westing and child actress Ashley Peldon as Turtle Wexler. The adaptation streamlined much of the plot, removing characters such as Flora, Theo, Madame Hoo, and Denton. The film was met with mediocre reviews.

In 2008, Prime Stage Theatre in Pittsburgh commissioned an adaptation of The Westing Game, which kept its original title. It was adapted by Darian Lindle and directed by Terry Brino-Dean. Artistic director Wayne Brenda commissioned the novel to be adapted. The director had this to say about this adaptation: "The mystery is a game that's put together to accomplish another objective... It's more about bringing these people together to play a game than it is about the game itself."