The Westing Game

The Westing Game Irony

Sydelle Getting Attention

Sydelle schemes to get attention by pretending to have a rare wasting disease that will kill her in a matter of weeks. She paints crutches and speaks as loudly as possible about her disease to anyone that will listen. Interestingly enough, Sydelle becomes a major player in the Westing Game. Ironically, it is not her injury that gets her attention, but rather her skills as a secretary coming in handy. Sydelle is the only one who has the transcription of the will, making her a hot commodity within the Sunset Towers community.

Sydelle's Injury

The attention afforded to Sydelle comes to a head when after months of pretending to have the disease, she is ultimately injured by one of the bombs. She puts on a very brave face and in fact enjoys the attention of the doctors as she heals. Many people realize that her wasting disease is a sham, but it doesn't stop them from visiting her and buttering her up for clues to the Westing Game.

J.J. Ford's Debt

J.J. Ford still feels guilt at the money she was given by Sam Westing for her education and fears that he has returned to ask for the money back. She is so preoccupied with this fact that she gives the $10,000 left to her by Sam Westing in the will to her partner, Sandy McSouthers. When it is revealed that Sandy is in fact Sam Westing in disguise, she realizes that she has actually repaid the debt unintentionally. The situational irony of the transaction is only revealed after the "death" of Sandy.

Angela's Marriage to Denton

Angela was expected to be a housewife to Dr. Denton Deere and though she has reservations, she never spoke of them. Eventually, Angela takes the money she gets from the Westing Game and calls off her engagement to Denton to pursue a career as a doctor herself. Ironically, once she is a doctor, she finally has the self-confidence to marry her former fiancee as equals.