The Westing Game

The Westing Game Character List

Turtle Wexler

A smart young girl with a talent for the stock market, she has a long braid and kicks people in the shins. She solves the Westing game.

Angela Wexler

Turtle's beautiful older sister, she's engaged to Denton Deere. However, she is unhappy that most decisions are made for her.

Grace Windsor Wexler

She is Turtle and Angela's overbearing mother. An amateur decorator, she spends most of her time preening over her daughter Angela's upcoming nuptials.

Jake Wexler

He is the husband of Grace Wexler, a podiatrist, and a bookie.

Doug Hoo

He is a high school track star and son of Mr. and Mrs. Hoo.

Mr. Hoo

He is the owner of Hoo's restaurant on the top floor of Sunset Towers. He is generally cranky and very competitive. He sued Sam Westing for stealing his invention of the paper diaper.

Madame Hoo

Mr. Hoo's second wife from China, she speaks very little English and only desires to return home, even if it means stealing.

Flora Baumbach

A single dressmaker, she becomes a mother figure to her partner Turtle and it is revealed she lost her daughter years ago.

Sydelle Pulaski

She is a receptionist who fakes an injury to get attention by walking with painted crutches. She gets very close with her partner Angela.

Chris Theodorakis

He is a wheelchair-bound boy with a nerve disorder that makes it difficult for him to speak. He is brother to Theo and an expert birdwatcher.

Theo Theodorakis

He is Chris' older brother who wants to be a writer but never went to college. He mostly takes care of Chris.

Judge J.J. Ford

She is a local judge and the daughter of one of Sam Westing's servants. Sam Westing paid for her schooling and now she is determined to win the Westing game.

Sandy McSouthers

The doorman of Sunset Towers, he has a drinking problem and may not be who he says he is.

Berthe Erica Crow

An older devout cleaning woman, she spends her life devoted to religious penance for some previous sin.

Otis Amber

The local delivery boy, he brings tidbits of gossip to the apartment complex.

Denton Deere

A medical intern and fiancee of Angela Wexler, he helps Chris get the medicine he needs.

Barney Northrup

He is the realtor for Sunset Towers.

Julian Eastman

He is the current owner of Westing Paper Products.

Ed Plum

He is Sam Westing's lawyer.