The Westing Game

The Westing Game Metaphors and Similes

Gaping Like Statues (Simile)

The simile "gaping like statues" (Chapter 2) is used to describe Doug Hoo and Theo Theodorakis as they wait on the lawn for Turtle to emerge from the Westing mansion. This simile contrasts the usual activity of Doug and Theo with their stony, breathless stillness.

Standing Like a Dummy (Simile)

This simile is used in Chapter 8 to describe Angela as she watches Sydelle patronize Chris by saying, "he's got a smile that could break your heart." Angela at this point has not found her voice yet, and often says only what others want her to. She does not intervene, like a dummy.

Like a Turtle's (Simile)

Judge Ford notices Sam Westing's resemblance to a turtle for the first time as she gazes upon his photograph: "those piercing eyes, the Vandyke beard, that short beaked nose (like a turtle's)" (Chapter 22).

Played Us Like Puppets (Simile)

The ungrateful heirs all grumble after they believe that they have lost the Westing Game, claiming that Sam Westing cheated them, and played them "like puppets" (Chapter 27). In some ways, they are right; he predicted their moves. However, he treated them more like chess pieces, allowing them to exercise free will.

Stuck Up-Know-It-All-Marshmallow-Face-Doctor-Denton (Metaphor)

Turtle refers to her future brother-in-law with this metaphor in Chapter 3. Of course he doesn't have marshmallow for a face, but it really captures Denton's essence.