The Time Keeper Summary

The Time Keeper Summary

The main protagonist is named Dor. He is the fictional inventor of the clock but he does not appreciate the time he has. He and his wife are having marriage troubles.

Dor is worried about running out of time so he tries to discover a way to measure time – by inventing the clock. However, this leads to a punishment and he is exiled into a cave for years in order to pay for this crime. Here he understands the true value of time and becomes known as ‘Father Time’. He realizes that he can redeem himself and prevent his exile by helping others understand the importance of time.

One of the people he helps is Sarah. She has become depressed ever since her father left her family and her mother has been behaving erratically. She wants to end her life because she cannot cope with it anymore. She also had a crush on a boy and thought it was a mutual feeling but he ends up embarrassing her. Dor changes time so that in this reality, Sarah is dead. Sarah realizes the impact her death would have on her mother and realizes that she should appreciate the time she has with her before it is too late.

The other person Dor helps is a wealthy old man who is attempting to evade his terminal disease via cryogenic freezing. However, his wife is against this and this causes distance in their marriage. Dor changes the future so that the wealthy old man fails in the freezing process. The old man realizes his mistake and agrees to make use of his time remaining.

As Dor has helped these two individuals, he is released of his time keeping duties and rejoins his wife in the present.

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