The Time Keeper Irony

The Time Keeper Irony

The animals live without watches, why people cannot live the same?

Albom shows the great difference between a man and the other creatures in the fact, that the seconds don’t have such a phenomenon as “timekeeping”. They don’t have time and they are happy, they are satisfied with it: “Birds are not late. A dog does not check its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays.” But people… they just need to make up a huge number of difficulties, “smart” things that just ravel their lives. They always plan everything, always hurry somewhere, are always late etc. But is time so important, while the other creatures cope their lives without it. Irony is that people always tend to find problems for themselves.

Nim’s misunderstanding of Dor’s ideas

Nim confirms for many times that he typifies the humankind of the old ages, which is not ready yet to accept those levels of development which are embodied in Dor: in particular, the concept of time. But this concept has always been side by side with the humankind development.

Time separates people

The author writes that if it had been a person, who would record history, he might write that “…at the moment man invented the world’s first clock, his wife was alone, softly crying, while he was consumed by the count.” Albom lets us understand that the analyzing of time itself is already occupying our time. We are often so busy with time itself that we forget to spend it with close people, who need us.

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