The Time Keeper Metaphors and Similes

The Time Keeper Metaphors and Similes

Dor’s life as the human development (Metaphor)

Reading about Dor’s line of life during the entire plot of the story, we notice that it reminds the general phases of development of a mankind: as well as the humans lived through their primitive times, knowing almost nothing, not realizing a system of the world, its “laws”, then their invention of time, then, through the ages, their evolution to the modern civilization, Dor passes all these moments through himself, being kind of an “ecumenical” man.

Alli’s hands like the warm blanket (Simile)

Elbom compares Alli’s hugs with the wrapping in a blanket, thus showing the size of her warmth, softness, power of her love, and size of her spirit. Meanwhile, the author shows her importance for Dor, even more – for his soul. She is something, that is so close to his heart, that always makes him keep calm and appeasement.

Changes caused by death (Metaphor)

The time when Alli gets ill, and her death is that line that divide the story into real part and magic. After the woman’s death Dor becomes Father time, the fates change, the time goes further and back, the heroes completely change their minds. So, the death is a kind of oblation for those things. Even it had been an awful loss for Dor, but he had acquired much more and helped other people to acquire it: the value of time. These changed caused by death become vital in realizing and appreciating time.

The sun is like a golden eye (Simile)

The author often amazingly describes the scenery, thus showing the general beauty of the world, the beauty, which is often not noticed, while people are always busy and fail to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them. He compares the sun with “the golden pupil of an opening eye”, thus helping us to truly enjoy the sight of the sunset.

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