The Time Keeper Background

The Time Keeper Background

The Time Keeper is a fictional book by Mitch Albom and was released on September 4th 2012 by Hyperion publishing company.

Dor is the main protagonist who lived in ancient biblical times during the construction of the Tower of Babel. He is the fictional inventor of the first clock in existence and enjoys measuring things, such as the cycle of seasons and the moon. As his wife dies from an unnamed disease, he also begins to count down the time he has with her, also wishing to freeze time so she wouldn't die.

His desire to measure time results in God's punishment of exile to a cave where he is forced to listen to people's complaints about having too much or too little time in order to understand the significance of his actions. Through this near eternity, Dor becomes "Father Time" and recognizes the importance of appreciating the time one has.

After his sentence, he is given the power to stop time and see the future. The book follows Dor’s desire to help others appreciate time before it becomes too late.

The book was met with mixed reviews. Some reviewers, including Jason Miller, claimed that the book ‘teaches us that being a time keeper is not the way to live." Albom himself stated that his desire and influence for this book stemmed from the lack of appreciation that people had for the time they had on this world.

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