The Sea-Wolf Quotes


“I wandered all these years among a world of women, seeking you”

Humphrey Van Weiden

These words came in mind to Humphrey when he understood that he fallen in love with Maud. He could not believe it; he waited so long for this exquisite feeling and love found him. All his life he treated love like the most important feeling, like meaning of our life and now he feels it for the first time, so truly and poor. He rescues her from The Wolf Larsen, from the storm, and his love make him more confident and he is sure that Maud is the woman he was waiting for.

“Surely there can be little in this world more awful than the spectacle of a strong man in the moment when he is utterly weak and broken”.

Humphrey Van Weiden

Humphrey said this when he saw Wolf Larsen suffering from an awful pain. It was a big shock for him, because Larsen was always strong, stronger than anyone on board, but now he was weak and on the contrast it seemed awful to Humphrey. He got used to be afraid of Larsen, to see him always prideful, looking at everyone from his height, and now this giant looks so little and helpless whom he never was.

“Between us and the bottom of the sea was less than an inch of wood. And yet, I aver it, and I aver it again, I was unafraid”.

Humphrey Van weiden

These words were said by Humphrey, when he understood that he came through a lot of things on the “Ghost”, he became stronger and now, whatever happens – he is not afraid. Life in the ocean, or a sea is hard. Every ship tries to beat another, to be faster, stronger, richer and for ordinary human is not easy to understand such way of living. And since Humphrey became a part of it, he had to feel all the roughness and brutality that made him stronger.

“I held that life was a ferment, a yeasty something which devoured life that it might live, and that living was merely successful piggishness”.

The Wolf Larsen

These were words of Wolf Larsen in a conversation with Humphrey. They talked about value of human’s life, so Larsen decided to say what he thought about that theme. It is obvious, that life was nothing to Larsen, he even compare it with a yeast or a ferment. Human’s life has no value, we all live to eat and in the end we all die. Everything we do is aimless; we just move to the end in which we will be eaten be someone bigger and stronger. Death for Larsen is an ordinary thing and it is not a loss when someone dies.

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