The Sea-Wolf Literary Elements

The Sea-Wolf Literary Elements


psychological adventure novel



Setting and Context

1893, Pacific Ocean

Narrator and Point of View

first person narration, the narrator is Humphrey Van Weyden

Tone and Mood

The novel is very enigmatic and philosophical. It is filled with metaphors, philosophical sayings and secrets. But still, it is realistic; it is about real life of sailors and other people which we meet in the book.

Protagonist and Antagonist

Humphrey van Weyden (protagonist) vs. Wolf Larsen (antagonist)

Major Conflict

Major conflict appears when Humphrey get on the ship to Larsen. Since this time there is constant conflict between them and between Humphrey and different sailors from that ship.


The climax happens when some of the ship staff organize a mutiny against the Captain Larsen.


The whole book is filled with philosophical statements about life, love, other values. It teaches us not to lost a hope and kindness despite anything. Regardless, there is a lot of cruelty and dark irony in the story; behind it is hidden deeper thought and a reader must endeavor to to find it.


Life was quite understated by Wolf Larsen


Shakespeare, Dante, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Leviathan


See the imagery section


Paradox consists in the fact, that Wolf Larsen was very ill, but he still was very strong physically and mentally.


With developing of the story, is happening developing and upgrading of the soul and inner world of Humphrey



Use of Dramatic Devices

The ocean is personified in self-efficacious force that covers everything and everyone and change all.

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