The Sea-Wolf Imagery

The Sea-Wolf Imagery


The author perfectly describes the inner world of characters. Even meeting new people, the main character can exactly say what this person may think and who he or she really is. And his own feelings he shows marvelously, so a reader can feel everything as deeply as Humphrey feels it. The author’s description is very detailed and most of all is transferred by philosophical sayings of the main personage about everything he feels and sees. “I, Humphrey Van Weyden, was in love! And again the doubt assailed me. Not that I was afraid of it, however, or reluctant to meet it. On the contrary, idealist that I was to the most pronounced degree, my philosophy had always recognized and guerdoned love as the greatest thing in the world, the aim and the summit of being, the most exquisite pitch of joy and happiness to which life could thrill…”


During the whole story, we can notice beautiful description of nature. As far as everything is happening in the sea, most of all we “look” at the sea views. However, the author describes nature in a very metaphorical way, not ordinary, and it makes reading even more interesting. “And romantic it certainly was – the fog, like the grey shadow of infinite mystery, brooding over the whirling speck of earth; and men, mere notes of light and sparkle, cursed with an insane relish for work, riding their steeds of wood and steel through the heart the mystery…”

Character description

The author writes about outward of characters as well. Reading his explanation, a reader can perfectly imagine how does any personage look like and make his own attitude to this personage. “The face, with large features and strong lines, of the square order, yet well filled out, was apparently massive at first sight; but again, as with the body, the massiveness seemed to vanish, and a conviction to grow of a tremendous and excessive mental or spiritual strength that lay behind, sleeping in the deeps of his being”. Most of all, descriptions of characters consists inner and outward features, so it is an effect like you look at this person in reality and make with him your own conversation.

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