The Sea-Wolf Metaphors and Similes

The Sea-Wolf Metaphors and Similes

Glance (Metaphor)

When the main character and the ship he was on had an accident, he spent a long time in water and thought that he surely died. However, still he was looking about some opportunities to be alive and in one moment he noticed a glance of a smoking man from another ship. “But life and death were in that glance”. It was his last hope to be rescued.

Sea wolf (Metaphor)

This metaphor is well-known as the name of such a person, who is an old sailor or who spend the whole life on a ship. In this book the “sea wolf” is the captain Larsen, who is the perfect representation of this metaphor.

As quick and sharp as that of fire (Simile)

Being in water was very painful for the main character, so he compares this “pang” with sharp of fire. That is because of the fact that water was extremely cold and it was impossible for any human to swim in it without pain for a long time.

Squealing of pigs (Simile)

The author uses this simile to describe the scream of women who got into that accident, too. When they screamed in the water, it reminded the main character “the squealing of pigs under the knife of the butcher”.

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