The Queen of Spades Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Queen of Spades Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Queen of spades (Symbol)

The major symbol of this story is a card. Each card always has its symbol of fate. As “The tray, seven, ace” symbolize the hope of winning for Herman, the queen of spades is a symbol of evil and vengeance. The main hero decides to fight with destiny, believing that it will allow achieving his goal. But queen of spades is not only a card in the game with Herman’s fate, but it is also a vengeance for violation of law and humanity. And Herman turns out a card in this game and his game is up.

Dependence (Allegory)

Whatever dependence influences people with cruelty and has negative results. For example, drug and alcohol addiction causes many problems with health. Economic dependence inflicts losses for people. In this story, gambling dependence destroys destiny of players and takes away the most important thing in their life. In this work, the author shows us consequences of gambling dependence. Players become pawns in this big game and lose everything.

Greediness, money power (Motif)

Using these two motifs, Pushkin confirms that the greediness is not the best feature of the person and money doesn’t take the significant place in our existence. But unfortunately, the main character doesn’t understand these simple and vital things. He is so greedy that the thirst for enrichment isn’t a difficult barrier for him, but money power rules him entirely. Of course, money helps to realize dreams, to provide with the necessities of life, but, actually, it makes people evil, avaricious and selfish. Money is not worth of giving life for it, but these are small pleasure moments with family and friends that are.

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