The Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades Imagery

Black Eyes Gleaming (Visual)

After having seen Hermann at her window every day for the last few days, Liza is startled when she sees him on the street with "his face buried in a beaver collar, and black eyes gleaming under his hat." In this haunting visual image, Pushkin emphasizes how Liza can read from Hermann's eyes that there is something untrustworthy about him.

Tallow Candle Guttered Dimly (Visual)

To underscore Liza's small and miserable room, Pushkin uses visual imagery, stating that "a tallow candle guttered dimly on its brass stand." To gutter means to flicker and burn unsteadily, suggesting that the candle is of low quality and that a draft of cold air passes through Liza's room, unsteadying the flame.