The Queen of Spades Irony

The Queen of Spades Irony


Pushkin often turns to the image of the old countess. She is an old, angry woman and hard to please. When “countess’s martyr of the household, Liza, makes tea, she is reproached with using too much sugar; she reads novels aloud to the countess, and the faults of the author are visited upon her head”. The irony is that the old countess is greedy and evil person. And the author ridicules her character.

Life of a player

This work of Pushkin is entirely ironic. The theme and plot are ironic as well. “The Queen of Spades” is a mockery of all people, who lead the life of a player and tend to believe it would bring them easy enrichment. Every man of this story plays cards for his profit, but in result they lose everything: money, families and self-control. Thirst for easy money won’t bring anything good.

Mournful old age

As people say, getting old is no fun. Especially, it greatly influences the countess. “The countess was so old, that her death could have surprised nobody, and her relatives had long looked upon her as being out of the world”. The irony is that the death of dear people is a painful piece of news, but countess’s relatives even don’t care about it.

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