The Queen of Spades Quotes


What is our life? It is a game!


Life is exactly an availability of talent to take everything from it, to be able to enjoy every moment and make other people happy. Of course, life has greatly difficult problems, which make our spirit stronger. Life is hard and unfair. We often take offence at it. We want to live like in a fairy tale and don’t make efforts. Someone goes forward, fighting with difficulties, while others meekly drift. We all regard life differently: somebody destroys it with their own hands, others carefully appreciate every moment. Of course, our life will not be interesting without difficulties, because we could not feel the moment of happiness after the preventing of something hard or awful.

The author is right. Our life is a game, because it likes to test us for vital issues. But everyone should to be glad of it, because it is very short and you don’t know when you will lose it.

“Economy, temperance and industry: those are my three winning cards”.


Just these three cards are things, which help to attain success and aim. But what is a role of success in our life? It is rather a subjective concept. Everyone understands it in their own way. For somebody, success is a career, family happiness, health and love. As to the main character Herman, he affirms that success is money and fame, but actually he doesn’t achieve it. He makes a foolish thing and destroys his life. And in his case, we are talking about luck. It is a short-term moment, which comes only when you don’t expect it, or in critical situations, when suddenly something happens and ends well. Many people think that luck is a gift of fate. It is impossible to predict it. But you must work hard, to set objects. Luck may be in the form of an unexpected inheritance, when distant relatives leave millions for you. But when you work for a long time, don’t get enough sleep and earn millions, it is success. Herman always plays cards to get success. And that’s why his three winning cards don’t work.

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