The Misanthrope and Other Plays Metaphors and Similes

The Misanthrope and Other Plays Metaphors and Similes

Unjust court (Metaphor)

As we know the court should be just and pronounce fair decision. But in this story the author proves the contrary. Alceste loses a case. He affirms that the unfair court verdict is given not by facts, but according to rumors. Here Moliere describes the injustice and unfairness as the horrible features of the humanity. Through this lost case he metaphorically shows hypocrisy of all the society. If court is not the one to guarantee justice and fairness, which is its primary obligation, what can be expected from society.

Flattering praise (Metaphor)

The author doesn’t try to emphasize the positive features of characters. On the contrary he tries to present the negative personalities and show bad example of behavior. When Philinte compliments Oronte for his poem it is obvious that this flattering is not sincere, Philinte does not like it as well as Alceste, but he does not want to hurt Oronte, so tells the lie. Through this praise the author reveals metaphorically the hypocrisy and meanness.

Savage of society (Simile)

Alceste is disappointed in everything that surrounds him, people’s egoism has no boundaries. He says that “will escape this nest of villains, and since with human beings we must live like wolves, traitors”. Considering mankind society not better as a world of animals, he decides to leave it.

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