The Misanthrope and Other Plays Irony

The Misanthrope and Other Plays Irony

Insincere praise

When Oronte reads his poem to Philinte, he pretends to like it: “I have never heard verses better turned.” But actually he just jeers at Oronte’s creative work, but does not want to be rude, so just says what the young writer wants to hear.

Women friendship

When Arsinoe comes to Celimene, and they have the conversation in which they give a piece of advice one another, showing deep respect towards one another, the atmosphere is completely opposite to the one expressed by their embellished phrases. This friendship is nothing but mutual hatred. The author ironically shows the women’s scantiness and their inability to be sincere.

Celimene’s scorn

Celimene always has an ironic relation to her admires, especially when she talks with Alceste. She says him: “Your love for me is matchless, Sir; that's clear”, and she shows her indifference to Alceste, which she carefully hides.

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