The Misanthrope and Other Plays Imagery

The Misanthrope and Other Plays Imagery

Oronte’s poem

Oronte’s hobby is writing poems. And there is a fragment of his “talent”: “Hope comforts us awhile, 'tis true,/Lulling our cares with careless laughter,/ And yet such joy is full of rue,/My Phyllis, if nothing follows after./Your fair face smiled on me awhile,/But was it kindness so to enchant me?” But when other personages hear his work, they don’t have emotions and the high opinion of it.

Court’s letter

The letter from the court has a big meaning for Alceste. And when Dubois gives it to him, Alceste is surprised. “Man all black in faceleaves a paper, scribbledin such a way that one needs to be worsethan any devil to read it. It concerns, no doubt,his lawsuit, but all the fiends in hellcould never make it out.”

Celimene’s House

The house on the main heroine is described like “a place of openness”. All her admires and friends visit her house and enjoy its unusual “garden with natural flowers”, spend time on the “rear yard where are the calm and cosiness sway”. But sooner or later everybody leaves this house.

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