The Misanthrope and Other Plays Characters

The Misanthrope and Other Plays Character List


Alceste is a protagonist of the play. He is a person who hates all the people, a misanthrope. He hates for both their virtues and shortcomings, for merits and demerits. Alceste is smart, one might say even brilliant, he would accomplish greatly at the court, but he does not want either of it. He tells everything he thinks, he does not embellish his speech with compliments or flattering. He is in love with Celimene, a girl who has a lot of admirers. Even though he loves her very much, he scorns her for being gentle with everybody, for her need to be the object of admire. Alceste hates her, as all the people, for lack of sincerity. His dream is to live away from humankind, and at the very end, when he got disappointed in his love for Celimene, he really goes away.


Philinte is the best friend of Alceste, but he is complete opposite of his friend. He thinks that all the people have flaws, for sure, but there are many virtues people are worthy to be respected. And if it had not been for these flaws, all those positive characteristics would not have been appreciated. He really loves his friend, and wishes him all the best, but cannot agree with him on his hatred to all the humanity. Philinte is polite and civil.


Oronte is a young man, well known at the court, where everyone listens to his advises, even the king himself. He is one of Celimene’s admirers and a beginner writer. When he meets Alceste he shows respect towards him and wishes to make friends. He offers Alceste to listen to his sonnet, but Alceste finds it not worthy, and recommend a young writer to stop rhyming. Oronte is really insulted by such comments, and they become enemies.


Celimene is a young woman of twenty years old, very beautiful. He has a lot of admirers and always tries to be polite with each of them. When they come to visit her, all they are doing is sitting and discussing all the people they know, and she shows extreme shrewdness is noticing people’s flaws, and does not hesitate to reveal them to her interlocutors. Finally, it turns against her and provokes a lot of rumors about. She is not a sincere person.


Acaste is one of her admirers, he is a marquis at the court. He always appears with Clitandre. They have agreed, that if Celimene chooses one of them the other would step aside.


Clitandre is also a marquis at the court, a friend of Acaste. He likes Celimene very much and also wants her to choose him.


Arsine is Celimene’s friend. When she comes she tells her good friend about all the rumors that are spread around the town about Celimene being frivolous. Celimene in her turn tells Arsinoe to take care of herself, as there are also rumors about her. They continue telling each other all the nasty things but under the mask of good wish, as if they wish only the best things for each other and do it of their friendship. Arsinoe is really jealous of Celimene, as she bears warm feelings towards Alceste in her heart. She even turns to fraud and gives Alceste a letter expressing love, which she said Celimene had written to Oronte. Arsinoe is mean and despicable.


Eliante is Celimene’s cousin. She also finds Alceste a very pleasant and worthy young man, but she does not undertake any dishonorable things, she just wishes him to be happy, even with such a person as Celimene.

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