The Little Foxes Quotes


"All in one day: Addie said there were people who at the earth and other people who stood around and watched them do it."


Alexandra says this to her mother in the final scene of the play. It brings to light one of the main ideas of the play: that wrong has been done by people against other human beings, and yet there are those who see what is happening, know it is wrong, and stand by doing nothing. They are apart of the downfall of humanity in the South, and Alexandra is saying Regina is one of them and she will not be like her mother.

"What's the talk?"


Horace has just arrived home from Baltimore where he's been at Johns Hopkins attempting to heal from his illness. He doesn't go to his wife and her brothers straight away, he instead asks Addie what has been going on because he will get the truth from her, which he won't from them. He learns that they are attempting to marry Alexandra to Leo and this quote is his response. It has with it the subtext of, "over my dead body."

"I should like to have Lionnet back. I know you own it now, but I'd like to see it fixed up again, the way Mama and Papa had it. Every year it used to get a nice coat of paint--Papa was very particular about the paint--and the lawn was so smooth all the way down to the river, with the trims of zinnias and red-feather plush. And the figs and blue little plums and the scuppernongs--"


Birdie says this to Oscar, Ben, and Regina once she knows that the negotiations with Mr. Marshall have been set. Her statement reveals how beautiful her families land once was, that it is not in the same state now that the Hubbard's have taken possession of it. It has been gutted and not taken care of; it is a representation of how she has been ill cared-for by Oscar.

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