The Little Foxes Literary Elements

The Little Foxes Literary Elements





Setting and Context

Alabama - 1900

Narrator and Point of View

POV is that of Regina and Horace.

Tone and Mood

Serious, Dramatic.

Protagonist and Antagonist

Protagonists are Horace and Alexandra. Antagonists are Regina, Ben, Oscar and Leo

Major Conflict

Ben and Oscar have found a way to steal Horace's bonds to finalize the Marshall deal and cut Regina out of her share of the money.


Horace discovers the missing bonds and tells Regina, who allows her husband to die before he can't say he lent them to Ben and Oscar. She gains a 75% stake in the business, but loses her daughter who knows her mother let her father die rather than save him.


Oscar's harshness towards Birdie in the beginning of the play foreshadows how cruel he and his siblings are, and what they will do to ensure business will go through for them.


It is understated as to what Horace's illness is.


The play is an allusion to the post Civil War South in America. The ideologies that continue to permeate the Southern people of the time.


Lionnet plantation being refurbished, Horace's death in the hallway.


Ben will do anything to ensure other people take the wrap for the harming things he does. Paradoxically, Oscar is willing to follow his brother's lead at all times.


Alexandra's tells her mother that those who stand by are complicit in what happens when wrong is done. This parallels Addie's statement of the same nature earlier in the play.


Regina becomes the personification of greed and mercilessness.

Use of Dramatic Devices

Birdie's description of the Lionnet plantation and what it used to be.

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