The Little Foxes Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Little Foxes Symbols, Allegory and Motifs


Horace has Addie pour him coffee as soon as he gets in from his trip from Baltimore. The coffee is a symbol that he needs energy before facing the pack of wolves that are his wife and her brothers.


Horace is found in the hallway when he has an attack, and Alexandra sees this. It is a symbol to her that her mother allowed her father to topple and die and didn't help him: a symbol of the cruelest betrayal.

Safety Deposit Box

Leo steals Horace's bonds from his safety deposit box in order to complete the sale with his father and uncle Ben. The safety deposit box being so loosely guarded and stolen from represents the nature of these Southerners - that they are willing to go into the deepest parts of their family that are off-limits and take from them in order to benefit. It is a symbol of their using one another for gain.


Birdie tells Alexandra that she has never had a headache a day in her life. Her "headaches" are a symbol of how Oscar and the rest of the family have tried to cover up her alcoholism by turning it into something nice which won't hurt the family name.


Lionnet is Birdie's family plantation which has gone from being a well-maintained and lush land to a dilapidated one. The plantation represents Birdie, who like the land has been tossed aside and ignored, allowing the beauty and potential for growth to be thrown away by the cruelty of power and wealth mongers.

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