The Lady With the Dog Quotes


Any rapprochement, which at first enlivens life so nicely and seems to be a nice and easy adventure, inevitably grows into an extremely difficult task for decent people, and the situation eventually becomes painful.


When we get acquainted with a person, we don’t actually see their core, their soul, we don’t see all those problems and issues that worry them, we don’t know their life. We see just an image, beautiful and pleasant. Therefore, we think that everything should be easy concerning this person. In the story this thought implements at the beginning of relations between the protagonists. Everything was nice and easy for them. But then we see that their essence, their problems, their different aspects of life emerge over some time, and everything changes. Their relationship burdens them in some way, it brings them more pain than happiness. But the protagonists can’t break up. They hope that one time everything will be as it was before. The author leaves the final opened to give us this hope too.

Unnecessary business and talks about the same things cover the best part of the time, the best forces, and in the end there is only scanty, wingless life, a kind of nonsense, and you cannot escape and run, as if you just sit in a madhouse or in the convict battalions!


The author wants to say that we waste almost all our time on things, that don’t bring us mental pleasure, don’t develop us as personalities, don’t implant us some moral values. And, as a result, we have nothing in our life. Instead of it we must appreciate our time, to live, not just exist. In the novel, the thing, that helped the protagonists to live, was love. Love itself filled the lives of heroes with some sense and worth.

How actually everything is fine in this world, if to think about it, everything except what we think and do ourselves when we forget about the higher purpose of life, our human dignity.


In this story the author shows us the beauty of life, of nature, of relationship between a man and a woman.

We see that there are no barriers if two hearts love each other. Each of them had their own life, problems and experience. But what could stop them, when they were happy just to be with each other, wanting nothing else?

Of course, saying this phrase, the author means not only Love. He tries to say that actually there are no problems in our life, these problems are just in our minds and thoughts. What about life, it is full of values and aims, the happiness which we should open for ourselves.

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