The Lady With the Dog Background

The Lady With the Dog Background

"The Lady with the Dog" is a short the story of the Russian writer and playwright Anton Chekhov, written in 1898. First published in the journal "Russian idea» in 1899.

Muscovite Dmitri Gurov and Anna von Diderits ( "Lady with the Dog") met in Yalta where they both came to rest. A week after meeting an affair occurs between them. Despite the fact that Anna is married and Gurov has a wife and three children in Moscow, the heroes of the story fall in love like children.

They were both unhappy in marriage, and now, with this passionate affair, they genuinely believe that finally have met their true love.

But vacation is about to end, and with Yalta Gurov has to part with his "resort affair." The hero returns to his normal life in Moscow, to his family, to his wife, whom he does not love, but a longing for Anna Sergeyevna does not allow him to live as before. Gurov goes to the city of S., where his beloved lives. When he sees the situation in which she has to live, he understands why Anna had this boredom of life. After meeting at a local theater lovers agree that Anna will arrives in Moscow, and they will meet in the hotel ‘’Slavic Bazaar”.

And so their lives go on. Anna and Gurov regularly in secret from their families meet in this hotel and hope that their future life will be better, because they have found their true love.

It is believed that the story was written by Chekhov under the impressed of his visit to Yalta, as well as a meeting with the writer's last love - Olga Knipper.

The story was highly praised by critics. In particular, Vladimir Nabokov believed "Lady with the Dog" to be one of the greatest literary works in history.

Despite the title of the story, a leading role takes not Anna, but Gurov and the changes that took place under the influence of love.

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