The Lady With the Dog Metaphors and Similes

The Lady With the Dog Metaphors and Similes

The eternity of life (Metaphor)

The author metaphorically compares the sea with the human life, sea” blusted at the bottom, even when there was no Yalta nor Oreanda, sounds now, and it will blust as indifferent and hollowly, when we will not live anymore”, but “in this constancy, in this complete indifference to life and the death of each of us lies, probably, a pledge of our eternal salvation, continuous movement of life on earth, continuous perfection.” First we see the sea, endowed with the human properties. And then, at once, the author explains the inner meaning of it –life never ceases to exist.

“And they could not understand why he is married, and she is married; and they were like two migratory birds, male and female, which were caught and forced to live in separate cells.” (Simile)

The author compares the protagonists with the birds in cages to highlight them not being able to oppose circumstances, problems. They don’t have enough willpower to break all those disagreeable rules that are in their lives, such as their marriages. That’s why they have to live separate lives and suffer of it.

“But it’s the diffidence, the angularity of inexperienced youth, an awkward feeling; and he had the impression of confusion, as if someone had suddenly knocked at the door.” (Simile)

The author strengthens Anna Sergeevna’s girlish traits, a kind of soul pristine. At the same time he shows Gurov’s attitude to her more deeply.

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