The Lady With the Dog Characters

The Lady With the Dog Character List

Dmitriy Dmitrievich Gurov

Dmitriy Dmitrievich Gurov is a typical lady-killer for whom the sensory aspects are not important. He is an elderly man of about forty years, Muscovite, burdened with three children, the unloved wife and boring banking job. Dmitriy Dmitrievich is unhappy with his family life, he’s afraid of his wife and does not like to be in his own home for a long time. It says that his main function - to be a head of the family, the owner - he does not perform. Loneliness pushes Gurov to frequent betrayals that do not cause any regret. He had lost faith in the true feelings, and perceives women as "inferior race". The hero is moved only by a fleeting interest, vile passions and desire to amuse vanity. Gurov, his acquaintances and the women are a society of hypocrites and liars, who do not want to live a rich spiritual life, do not know the high feelings.

Anna Sergeevna von Diderits

She’s a young woman, of low growth, blonde. Chekhov makes a slight emphasis on the color of her hair and a white Spitz not by chance. White color alludes to purity, maidenhead and chastity. The heroine was born in St. Petersburg, married early and went to the small town S. Her husband is an unremarkable man, as she calls him - "lackey." Anna, devoured by a thirst for life, curiosity of youth, leaves her husband and goes to Yalta. She is a person with subtle mental entity. She is not spoiled, does not know the hypocrisy and lies.

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