The Ladies' Paradise Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Ladies' Paradise Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Shop “Paradise” (Symbol)

As we know this story is about the girl who has the fortitude. Denise loses everything, except the hope. The death of parents and her orphaned, younger brothers force her to fight for happiness. And the boutique “Paradise” helps her. She begins to work there and her life shapes well. She gets love and friends. This fashionable shop is a symbol of the prop and hope for the rescue and provision of better life.

Cinderella (Allegory)

Yes, this story reminds the fairy tale about Cinderella. Denise, a young lady, loses her home, family and hopes. But she doesn’t despair and struggles with problems. She is forced to work at “Paradise”. The competition between workers and the grim head of her department could destroy her, but she doesn’t let to happen it. At the end she gets love - Octave Mouret, the owner of “The Ladies' Paradise”, as Cinderella gets the handsome Prince. She is a good example for many hopeless people. That’s why she gets the nickname “Cinderella”.

Fashion, love, family (Motif)

These three motifs are the most appropriate to this story. Denise begins to work in the most popular and fashionable boutique. All rich ladies buy up everything there - from the bright bands to the exclusive and elegant dresses. They don’t grudge money. Their main aim is to look pretty. This boutique yields a good return to the owner and gives opportunity Denise to keep her two brothers. Her brothers are her family and she makes any efforts to protect them. She also gets love. And it is the powerful value for her and Octave Mouret.

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