The Ladies' Paradise Irony

The Ladies' Paradise Irony

Love is simple method of diverting oneself

Mouret ironically says that the best way to die is to fall in love. Exactly, the love can drive somebody to the grave with torments, but he “would rather die of passion than boredom!” and he “prefers diverting myself”.

“Yes, it was the need of blood that every revolution exacted from its martyrs, every step forward was made over the bodies of the dead.”

In this way the author makes sure that the best way to become successful is to get rid of competitors, but not to kill them.

“Once have the women on your side,” whispered he to the baron, and laughing boldly, “you could sell the very world.”

When Mouret whispers these words he means that the woman is artful creature. She can force the man to do everything, even to sell the soul to the Devil.

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