The Ladies' Paradise Imagery

The Ladies' Paradise Imagery

Paris city

The imagery of Paris plays a big role, because it gives the first impression about it. Some elements of the descriptions such as “a damp breeze, the breath of the old quarter, the pavement with its puddles, the moldiness of the old shop front, dampness” give the awful impression. And as we can see it is not pleasant. It seems that nothing can save this city from the gloominess.

Perpetual competition between stores

Every owner of his store tries to sell all consignments of goods and “the competition is now going on under the very eyes of the public; a look into the windows enabled them to contrast the prices. Every shop was lowering its rates, contenting itself with the smallest possible profit”. And it seems that everybody is ready to bite somebody’s head off.

Boutique “Paradise”

This store attracts Denise at the first sight and “there she sees, in the open street, on the very pavement, a mountain of cheap goods– bargains, placed there to tempt the passers-by, and attract attention”. This boutique is an unrealizable wish for every woman. It is a real paradise for fashion-conscious women.

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