The Ladies' Paradise Quotes


“Try and long for a woman and win her at last: that pays you in one minute for all your misery.”


Most of people are considered that the main role of the woman is the birth of children and keeping the household. She depends on husband and shouldn’t do something without his permission. But the significance of the femininity differs from the reality in this novel. The ideal of the woman is above all for every man. It is the most important and prevalent theme here. The author likes to describe the woman and her tenderness, sophistication, refinement and mysteriousness. Zola is assured that woman plays the main role in the man’s life. Because she can give you love, the mutual support, confidence, family, respect if you get her. This list is endless. Every husband must protect his wife, because she is a tender creature and he can always rely on her.

“To act, to create, to struggle against facts, to overcome them or be overthrown by them, all human health and joy consists in that!”

De Vallagnosc

The essence of these words is not so complicated for understanding. It consists in the simple existence of the humanity. So, what is the essence of existence? The essence of every human life is unique. The person is always free to choose the essence and its implementation. The life is not given for the folding hands and waiting no purpose. The author describes the joy of life. As it is not so long and you don’t know when you die, you should live it with the hope of the wonder. You should try to do everything. And if there is a barrier on your way, just keep in mind- never, never give up.

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