The Fifth Element Quotes


“Everything you create, you use to destroy” – “Yeah, we call it human nature”

Leeloo – Korben Dallas

Having learnt about all the wars and destruction that people had done to themselves Leeloo becomes very sad. She has been created to protect the human race from evil, but now she does not understand what should be protected, as everything people create they use to destroy. And this is true, it is human nature, people tend to damage one another, they cannot just leave things the way they are and enjoy love, love, closeness and peace. The issue of people’s inability to feel satisfied with the things they have is a big problem, and is arisen in the film.

“The Mondoshawans never fully trusted the human race”

General Munro

The Mondoshawans are supreme good beings, who are there to protect human race when evil comes, they have the weapons against it and are ready to use it for people’s protection. And when this evil comes they rush to the Earth to bring the elements, but on the way they are attacked. Later no stones are found on their spaceship, because they “never fully trusted the human race”. And their distrust proves to have reasons. But even though they don’t believe people, they find them worthy of being saved. The belief in human race, not the trust, through thousands of years made them ale=ways come for help.

“It is evil, absolute evil. Evil begets evil. Shooting will only make it stronger”

Priest Vito Cornelius

When a huge burning ball approaches the Earth the Presidents and generals try to destroy it, and shoot it with bombs and any weapons known. But it does not yield to it. Priest’s words that shooting will only make it stronger hint that, even for protection, weapons are evil created for destruction, which proves one more time that people destroy what they have.

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