The Fifth Element Literary Elements

The Fifth Element Literary Elements


Luc Besson

Leading Actors/Actresses

Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman

Supporting Actors/Actresses

Milla Jovovich


Action, Adventure




BAFTA Awards 1998 for Best Special Effects, Cesar Awards 1998 for Best Director (Luc Besson), Golden Screen, Lumiere Award 1998 for Best Director (Luc Besson)

Date of Release

9 May, 1997


John A. Amicarella, Patrice Ledoux, Iain Smith

Setting and Context

The first scene takes place in 1914 in Egypt, the rest of the story takes place in faraway modernized future on both Earth planet and other planets in the universe.

Narrator and Point of View

The third person narration

Tone and Mood

The tone is both frightening and disturbing, and at the same time funny and entertaining.

Protagonist and Antagonist

The protagonist is Korben Dallas and Leeloo, the antagonist is Mr. Zorg and Mangalores.

Major Conflict

The main conflict is the battle between good and evil.


Climax occurs when all the characters appear on the Phloston Paradise and a huge destruction happens there.


From the very first scene, when Mondoshawans take away the stones that are to protect humanity from evil, it is obvious that there will be a lot of troubles. The very fact that the Earth planet is left without protection foreshadows awful events.


Leeloo’s feelings towards Korben are unclear till the very end, only after he confesses his love to her it becomes clear that she loves him back.

Innovations in Filming or Lighting or Camera Techniques

Digital matte paintings for background have been used in film making, and NURBS mathematical model.


The story alludes to Egypt and the World War I, which was about to burst out.


The paradox of the story is that even Mondoshawans never fully trusted human race they find it worthy of being saved.


Parallelism occurs in constant pursue after the stones: these are Korben on behalf of government, the priest because of his duty, Mr. Zorg who needs them to pass to Mr. Shadow, and the Mangalore who want to get the stone and blackmail Mr. Zorg for more weapons. Parallel plans bring them all together on Phloston Paradise where the climax occurs.

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