The Fifth Element Characters

The Fifth Element Character List

Korben Dallas

Korben is a retired major from military forces. At the present time he works as a taxicab driver. He is not a very skillful driver. His life seems to be very dull. His wife has escaped with his lawyer, his mother is very annoying and calls him all the time to complain what a terrible son he is. but after meeting Leeloo his life completely changes. He is chosen by the authorities for a special military task – to take the stones from a Diva at the concert. They chose him because he has all the special training required for this task. He is very brave and has a lot of military experience. He manages to complete the task and save the Earth. But the most important thing is that he has found love.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Mr. Zorg is on the side of evil. He works for Mr. Shadow and has to stole the stones for him. It seems that he is very afraid of his master. He sells weapons and is very rich. At the end he gets into his own trap. The bomb installed by him became the reason of his death. He wanted to stop it, but it exploded anyway taking his life.


Leeloo is humanized fifth element. She is developed from sells of a found hand of the fifth element. She is very strong physically but vulnerable emotionally. When escaping from the authorities she gets to Vito Cornelius, and they together are to save the planet from destruction. Leeloo has been asleep for five thousand years and is studying the history of the world. She comes to the conclusion that people are not worthy being saved as they are very cruel and destroy everything themselves. Korben tells that such thing as love is worthy of being saved. He tells Leeloo that he loves her and she helps to save the Earth.

Father Vito Cornelius

The priest is one of the keeper of ancient knowledge and speaks the Divine Language that Leeloo is speaking. He seems to be brave, and carries responsibilities given to him with honor, but when it comes to really being brave he is weak and does not know what to do. If it has not been to Korben the priest would not be able to save the planet.

Ruby Phod

Ruby is a radio star. He is very talkative. Korben is a host of his radio show so Ruby is always with him. When the Mngalores attack the concert hall Ruby, though not very bravely, helps Korben. He goes with them to Egypt on an evacuation ship and helps to make the stones work.


David is a young man, an heir of ancient knowledge. He is very shy and timorous. But it is he who realizes how to turn on the stones having sighed over one of it, which made it open.

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