The Fifth Element Irony

The Fifth Element Irony

Positive attitude

Korben is having a lunch and got the message. Mr. Kim (A man serving him the lunch) points to it. Korben replies that the last two messages he has received were not vet good, the first was from his wife telling she has left, and the second one from his lawyer telling that he has left with his wife. So he does not expect anything good from this one. Mr. Kim bets Korben lunch that it is important. When Korben opens it is says that he is fired. But stays positive as he has won free lunch. So seeing good in bad helps sometimes not to give up. Korben is such kind of a person, he looks at his life with irony, even though himself he does not expect anything good to happen.

The reasons Korben is chosen for the mission

When General Munro comes to announce that Korben is to fly to another planet, to take stones from a Diva, and then save the planet, he has a question – why he? The General answers there are three reasons: “as a member of the elite special forces unit of the Federated Army, he is expert in the use of all major weapons and space craft needed for this mission”, “of all the members of his unit, he was the most highly decorated”, and the third reason, which is the most ironic is that “of all the members of the unit, he is the only one left alive.” Possessing all these qualities, among which the live is of the most importance, Korben is chosen to save the planet.

Destruction brings only destruction

When Mr. Zorg gets Vito Cornelius to his office to ask about the stones, he tries to prove him that they both are in the same business, that cause a little destruction he encourages life. he shows it by breaking a glass, which made a lot of tiny machines come out and clean it up. His philosophy stands in the fact that all those people who had created these machines were occupied and thus had an opportunity to feed their families. But at that moment he gets chocked, and pressing all those buttons on his table makes no use. The priest saves him, and says that no machine can help in such a situation, and all Mr. Zorg’s philosophy is built on false arguments. No good can be achieved out of evil deeds, destruction will always beget destruction.

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