The Darling Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Darling Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Sashenka (Symbol)

This boy stands as a symbol of the last hope here. When Olenka is alone with nobody to talk, to borrow ideas and thoughts from, she gets this boy. He fills her life with a kind of sense, with happiness after the years of loneliness and sadness. The author wants to say that even if we think that we are lonely and there is no one who could support and appreciate us, we mustn’t despair, ‘cause some day we will find someone who will make us happy, no matter if it is a friend, a soul mate or love of one’s life.

The Darling (Symbol)

Olenka symbolizes here those people who adjust others’ tastes, thoughts and points of view. She can’t live fully and happily when she doesn’t have someone who she would imitate and follow. She actually doesn’t have her own position in life. People of her kind are like the mirrors that reflect others’ style of life, priorities and thoughts.

Olenka’s men (Allegory)

Olenka’s husbands and just the men who she dealt with represent different influences on people. One of them imposes on Olenka his cheerfulness, another is sedated (and, as a result, she becomes the same person), the others teach her other views, thoughts and traits. Reading the story we are amazed at how Olenka is dependent on others, but if we look through our lives, we’ll notice that we are in some way in the same situation.

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