The Darling Imagery

The Darling Imagery

Accumulation of literary means for strengthening the tragedy of the moment

“But before The Passion Monday, in late evening, all of a sudden there was an ominous knock at the gate; someone hit the gate, as in a barrel: boom! boom! boom! …"Ivan Petrovich died suddenly today…". The author uses exclamations, similes, epithets to strengthen the power of tragedy of this situation for the Darling, for her life. Her husband dies and she stays with no thoughts, opinions, views again. It’s her own tragedy, strong and important for her. That’s why news about the death comes to her abruptly, like a bolt from the sky: “Boom, boom, boom!”

Changes in Olenka’s speech as an indicator of her excessive compliance

The author quite often uses Olen’ka’s talks to show fully others’ power on her. We see that she completely follows her men, in manner, style of speaking, even in words themselves.

Connection between Olenka’s soul and her home as strengthening in the image of her life.

The author compares Olenka, writing that she “lost weight and lost her look”, and her home: “Olenka’s house darkened, the roof was rusty, the shed sag, and the whole yard was overgrown with weeds and prickly nettles”. Using the description of her home, Chekhov strengthens changes in Olenka, in such way helps he reader to understand this changes better.

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