The Darling Irony

The Darling Irony

"He had been sitting for not long, about ten minutes, and had spoken little, but Olenka took a fancy to him so much that she was not sleeping for all night and burned like she had a fever.”

The author intentionally notes the time which was enough for Olenka to fall in love, in this manner he laughs at the fact that she didn’t need some special conditions, circumstances which would make her love somebody, “cause her main aim was obedience, love itself”, not a person, who she loved.

“And what is the most important, the worst, she didn’t have any opinions anymore.”

Chekhov shows Olenka’s helplessness without the people whom she dealt with. The author shows that she is like a puppet, which lives a full life only when she is controlled by somebody, and when she stays alone, she is actually nobody.

“And when he saw her neck and her plump, fine shoulders, then he threw up his hands and said: - Darling!”

The author wants to highlight the fact that Olenka was never loved for her intelligence, inner world. Probably, it’s because of the emptiness of her soul, absence of some zest in her character.

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