The Darling Metaphors and Similes

The Darling Metaphors and Similes

Ruined by rain (Metaphor)

Kukin is always complaining about the rain that does not stop for almost three month, every evening it is raining, and his business suffers. He is the manager of an open-air theatre, so rain makes some damage, as he said himself: “It’s ruining me”, meaning it prevents him from earning some good money, and he has great losses as there are actors to be paid, and rent.

Also on their wedding-day rain never stops falling, and “the expression of despair never left his face”. Feels like all his life he has been traced by unfortunate weather, rain pursues him in every significant deed of his.

Like in a hen coop (Simile)

There is an interesting fact that hens do not fall asleep while their rooster is out of the coop. When Kukin is away from home his lovely and affectionate wife does not sleep at night, but is sitting at the window and looking at the stars. She herself “likened herself to the hens that are also uneasy and unable to sleep” when their rooster is not their. Such a comparison, besides provided by the heroine herself, shows her narrow-mindedness and how primitive and unimportant her considerations are.

Inner emptiness (Simile)

When Olenka is left alone she feels more that just solitude, she feels emptiness inside. Before she had an explanation for everything, and would have given her opinion freely no matter about what. But now “there was the same emptiness in her heart and brain as in her yard. It was as galling and bitter as a taste of wormwood.” This emptiness, incompleteness is unbearable to her, she suffers really badly, but there is nothing she can do herself, she just needs somebody else to fulfill this vacuousness.

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