The Crown (The Selection) Themes

The Crown (The Selection) Themes

Finding yourself

Princess Eadlyn was forced into having her selection to make her people think about something else than the rebels and the threatening war. Therefore, her parents, Queen America and King Maxon, made her the first princess to have a selection, even though it was against her wishes. When Eadlyn meets the selected men, she doesn’t like any of them, but she must choose someone to marry. In the end, she decides to be strong and independent, and marries the translator, whom she has made a strong connection with, even though it is beside the normality and wishes of her people.

Being kind and humble

Princess Eadlyn has a strong character development throughout the book. In the beginning she was proud and looked down on everyone below her, which was everyone except her family, since she was a princess. She treated her maids badly and didn’t have compassion. But in the end, she started noticing her faults, reflected and changed them. She knew that she had to be a loving person, to be loved by her country. She became a better person and stopped thinking that her position made her better than anyone else in her country.

Class system

Even though the class system was abolished in the third book in The Selection Series, traces of the structure still remained. Just like Eadlyn though that she was better than others, former “two’s” and “threes” were still above former “sixes” and “sevens”. Even though the names were gone, the classification endured. The mindset had to be changed, which the royals made sure they did, and the country became a lot better than it was previously.

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