The Crown (The Selection) Characters

The Crown (The Selection) Character List

Eadlyn Schreave

She is the main protagonist and is the next queen of Illea. She is very headstrong and does not wish for marriage. She feels as though she herself is strong enough to rule Illea. She is also very self-centered and can look down on those she deems inferior.

Ahren Schreave

He is the younger by seven minutes twin brother of Eadlyn and is Prince to the Kingdom. He is sweet and more compassionate towards people and Eadlynn looks up to his character very much.

Kile Woodwork

He is one of Eadlynn’s love interests throughout the book and dreams of being an Architect. He wants to leave the Palace but his mother does not want him to leave, and he instead participates in The Selection. Initially, he disliked Eadlynn but eventually they begin to form a friendship and, later, a romantic relationship.

Henri Jaakoppi

He is one of the contenders of the Selection process and struggles with the difference in language, which prevents him from getting too close with Eadlynn. He is described as being very happy and eccentric and he really desperately wants to be the chosen husband.

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