The Crown (The Selection) Background

The Crown (The Selection) Background

The Heir is a young adult fictional novel by Kiera Cass and was published by HarperTeen on May 3, 2016. It is a sequel to Cass' best-selling novel, The Heir. This marks the final book in the entire series and concludes the events of both the Selection and The Heir series'. The novel picks up with Eadlynn's fears about getting married and the possibility that she may harbour feelings for more than one contender in the selection process. At the same time, the people of Illea have become tired of the monarchy and Eadlynn sets off to prove her worth a Queen to them. The Selection series as well as its spin-off has received immense popularity and has been placed at No. 1 on the New York Time's best selling list. The movie series has been optioned by Warner Bro's.

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