The Crown (The Selection)

The Crown (The Selection) Analysis

The Crown is a young adult, dystopian romance novel written by Kiera Cass. It follows the story of Eadlyn Schreaves, the daughter of America and Maxon in the country of Illéa, after the World War III. While her country is in turmoil, fed up of the monarchy, Eadlyn must prove that she is a both a worthy queen and find a husband. Two thigs she doesn’t want to do. She tries her best to be loved by her people, but it proves to be hard because of her circumstances.

One of the clearest changes in the book is Eadlyn’s attitude. In the beginning, she looked down at the anyone with a lower rank than her, which is equal to nearly everyone except her family, since she’s a princess. After a while though, she gets more friends and people that love her. It melts her stone heart and she manage to feel compassion for others. Kiera Cass might be trying to show how important both loving others and showing compassion is in life, no matter the position the person is in.

Eadlyn also grew more and more comfortable in herself and her choices, and when she did, she often got better effects. She silently rioted against one of her former beliefs of aristocracy when she decided to marry the translator Erik instead of the Finnish Prince. At the same time, she also showed her country that she wasn’t an uncontrollable rich princess bitch as they called her, but a compassionate, understanding person who loved people despite their position.

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