The Carriage Quotes


“The general himself was rather stout; a good officer, nevertheless, according to his subordinates.”

The narrator

If the conversation begins on the topic of high society, then we immediately discuss the rich people. To be more precise, we condemn them for their actions. Everyone knows that if a person is rich then he is arrogant. However, from Gogol’s story the general is a completely different person. He behaves like a brother. He promises to lift the nobility to its feet. The general invites all his friends and acquaintances to his magnificent dinners. He has a rather deep bass voice. Despite his status, the general remains a calm and modest person, who prefers justice. In a word, the general is a good man and no one complains.

“If one buys anything it should be good; it is not worth the trouble of getting, if it turns out bad.”


You need to spend money wisely. Tchertokoutski assures that there is no need to spend money on a cheap thing, because it can turn out to be horrible, not exercisable and applicative. Then you will regret your spent money a hundred times. Tchertokoutski claims that his new carriage gets his money’s worth, because it is light as a feather, and when the general will sit on it, the carriage will swing him like a nurse in a cradle. When Tchertokoutski was still in the service, there was room enough in the body to stow away ten bottles of rum, twenty pounds of tobacco, six uniforms and two pipes. The carriage is very comfortable and flexible, because it is very expensive.

“No, no, such things are inconceivable. If he could not receive us, why did he invite us?”

The general

This story shows that all people can be in awkward situations. Some just accidentally feel uncomfortable in the situation. Other people are the main reason of their shame. The landowner Tchertokoutski finds himself in an awkward situation because of his own fault. Perhaps, the fault is in his humble-brag, because he invites the general to his home to look at his wealth. Tchertokoutski’s bragging makes a plot with his memory and he forgets about the general’s visit. Here the author shows that people do not like braggarts. Probably, the relations between Tchertokoutski and the general will not be so friendly after this situation. Do not need to be so arrogant and think only of yourself.

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