The Carriage Irony

The Carriage Irony

“Chertokutskiy, despite of all his gentility, was bowing so low, sitting in a carriage, that when he returned home, he brought two thistles in his mustache.”

The author shows the hero’s excessive suppleness, his desire to please everyone. Beside this, the author wants to show not just hero’s bowing too low, but his moral, mental fall.

“A mayor ordered to cut down the gardens for a better view a long time ago.”

The author shows the absurdity of views of some people, their stupidity in relation not only to each other, but to their environment, to nature.

“A mayor was a reasonable man, but he was strongly sleeping all day long, from afternoon to evening and from evening to dinner.”

Gogol ironically images the government of that time. He shows the real “work” of the people, who must be the examples for other people, who must take care of the citizens of their towns/ territories. Instead of it, they sleep for all day long or make the fence for their house.

“Chertokutskiy immediately wanted to go home to prepare everything well in advance to take guests for tomorrow's dinner; He had already taken his hat, but something strange happened, and he stayed on for some time.”

The author laughs at the hero’s character, at his constant desire to be everywhere at the same time, to play up to everybody. And we see the failures of his intentions at the end of the story.

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