The Carriage Background

The Carriage Background

At the beginning of 1843 was published (with a note - 1842), the third volume of the Gogol’s works, which contained placed seven novels, one of which was the story "Carriage", that has been written in 1835. Thus, Gogol himself brought together novels written at different times during past ten years in the third volume of his works,; in other words, combination of these stories had not a chronological but kind of internal basis.

“Carriage” belongs to the same genre of novel, that other works of the series Petersburg’s narratives; in particular, a story is based on the anecdote, concise account without indention and "deployment" in appearance looks like a fun story : all this brings together "Carriage" with " Petersburg’s narratives, and, particularly, with the "Nose" ; by the way, both "Carriage" and "Nose" were published in Pushkin's "Contemporary" in 1836, in number 1 and 3, as if they were, thereby in correlation with each other.

However, the action in the "Carriage" takes place far from the capital, most likely in Ukraine that externally brings "Carriage" with those so famous two Gogol’s collected stories of Ukrainian life. Nevertheless, image object itself is much closer to the Petersburg narratives than to the Ukrainian novels. We can say that from the Petersburg stories it is separated only the place of action, which is not St. Petersburg.

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