The Babees Book Background

The Babees Book Background

Written by Frederick James Furnivall, The Babees' Book was originally published during 1908 by London Chatto and Windus. Reproduced copies are also available. This is an instructional book meant to inform its readers of Medieval etiquette. Specifically, it's geared toward children and youth, stating how one should behave inside and outside the home.

An Internet Archive review suggests that the book is not Medieval in essence; instead, most of the advice is based on the Renaissance time period. Yet this is up for debate. The review also suggests that The Babees' Book is great for both high-status people and regular folks.

Furnivall was an English philologist and one of the co-creators of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). His most notable contribution to English literature was his parallel text version of the Canterbury Tales. Furthermore, he was a founder and professor at the London Working Men's College.

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