The Art of Racing in the Rain Metaphors and Similes

The Art of Racing in the Rain Metaphors and Similes

Metaphor for development

Enzo has a different idea about death than most of the people and he refuses to see death as something negative. When Enzo thinks about death, he remembers a documentary he saw on the TV about how the Tibetans believe that after a dog dies, he gets reincarnated as a human. For Enzo, who thinks more like a human than a dog, the idea of becoming a human excites him. Thus, death here is used here as a metaphor for development and represents a change for the better.


When Enzo talks about the first time he meet Eva, he compared both himself and the young woman with satellites orbiting around Enzo. The author draws the parallel and compared both the dog and the girl with satellites to emphasize just how much both the dog and the woman will end up loving Danny.


While Enzo can’t stop resenting Eve, especially after moving in and taking over Denny’s life, he can’t hate her completely because in a way she reminds him of his mother. When Eva remains pregnant, Enzo notices how Eva’s body changes and he reminds how his mother’s breasts used to look and how Eva’s look.

Metaphor for control

When Enzo and Denny watch one day a video of Denny racing, Enzo notes that Denny stops to change his tires from normal ones to tires adapted to rain and humidity. Rain is used in the novel as a symbol and Denny’s ability to predict bad weather and adapt to it is also used as a metaphor for his ability to control the environment and everything that surrounds him.

Controlling the wheels

After Eve starts having bad headaches, she leaves in a hurry with Zoe but forgets to take Enzo with her as well. While at home alone, Enzo thinks how a driver can get in trouble if he doesn’t control the wheels of his car. The wheels of a car are compared here with the negative emotions one may feel at any given point in life. If those emotions are not controlled, they can destroy a person. But if they are managed correctly, they can eventually help a person grow and become better in time. The way Enzo compares negative emotions with car wheels is important because it shows how the dog tries to understand a serious topic by making a connection with something he is familiar with.

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