The Art of Racing in the Rain Imagery

The Art of Racing in the Rain Imagery


The way in which Denny treats Enzo reveals an important idea, namely that Enzo is seen as a rational and intelligent being by his owner. In the second chapter, for example, Denny explains to Enzo what it means to race in the rain and he even gives the dogs tips on how to drive safely when the weather is bad. All these point towards the idea that Denny sees Enzo as being almost human-like and more like a companion for life than a mere dog.


When Denny first introduces Eva to Enzo, the dog knew that Eva will eventually come between them in one way or another. Because of this, Enzo interprets Eva’s behavior as being threatening and dangerous for him. In the third chapter, when Enzo meets Eva for the first time, Enzo describes Eva as being cunning and as having hidden motives for liking Denny. Thus, Enzo describes Eva as being a negative character and an enemy both for him and for Denny. In time however Enzo’s view changes and he presents Eva in a more positive light.

Domestic bliss

In the seventh chapter, Enzo describes Zoe’s second birthday and the image invoked here is that of domestic bliss. Everyone is happy and carefree and it seems that everyone gets along with the other person extremely well. Zoe refers to Enzo as her big brother and Enzo is also extremely close to Eve, the old hatred between them forgotten. What Enzo creates here is the image of a perfect family, enjoying every moment they get to spend together.

Laying down

In the eighth chapter, Enzo makes a conscious effort to connect with Eve and to become close to her just as he became close to Denny. In the eighth chapter, Enzo leaves Denny’s company and choses instead to go and stay with Eve in the kitchen as she prepares food. Both Eve and Enzo are uncomfortable at first, Eve not knowing what to make out of Enzo’s actions but she warms up to him eventually and even stops from time to time to scratch him. What the author creates here is the image of two beings trying to connect but not knowing exactly how to do it. However, the scene remains important because it marks the beginning of a close friendship between Eve and Enzo.

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